Gain clarity.  Become focused.  Take action. Transform. 
Life & Personal Development Coaching with Tracy Currie, CPCC
​Reframe your life. 


Coaching: - a collaborative and powerful partnership designed to inspire, support and encourage one to reach his or her goals and live a fulfilled and satisfying life.

We are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole – completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.   In keeping with that, as your coach, I will not advise, instruct, direct or tell you what to do.  I will not impose upon you my answers or solutions.


Coaching sessions are confidential and held by Skype, phone or in person.  All client sessions and information are held to the strictest level of confidentiality. 

The focus of the session is you.  My role as coach is to partner with and listen to you, ask questions, offer clarity and be in support of you exploring possibilities that will propel you to the life you want.  Your role is to fully engage and be committed, make choices and decisions and take the actions and steps needed to reach your goals.

If you believe there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be in any part of your life, or if you are looking for a renewed sense of purpose and want to create positive changes in your life, contact me now at to arrange a complimentary 30 minute telephone coaching session.  You may also reach me at 519-274-0799.  
In Barbados call 239-1180




One on one focused sessions on your specific needs.  Sometimes a shift in perspective is what you need.  

Single coaching sessions may be the answer. 



What to Expect

Email Tracy at for details, or call 519-274-0799.  In Barbados call 239-1180.



“Tracy is a skilled coach; passionate about creating transformation in her client’s personal and professional lives. Tracy is able to hear beyond her client’s words and create insight and awareness that propels them into action. For any client looking to create dramatic change in their lives, especially when a dose of truth is necessary, I would recommend Tracy.”

                  ~Shawna, Corvallis, OR